The International Electric Motorsports Association is recruiting Drivers, Team members, and Vehicles to be fitted with battery electric powertrain systems.


This program is sponsored paid and has no expense to owners, drivers and teams.


We are also recruiting Corporate and local event and teams sponsors.

To learn more contact us by email.

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The International Electric Motorsports Association

Is excited to present an arrangement with Alibre, LLC, and Richardson, TX to resell Alibre Design to our members at a reduced cost.

This program will enable you and you team to save time and money on design and build of you motorsports vehicles, with pre-design cad files that can be downloaded from many vendors, suppliers and OEM’s

It’s is done in a snap to make a finished assembly with an accurate Bill of Materials and cost at you fingertip.


Alibre Design


Business-grade design solutions

Power your design or manufacturing business with the world's most bang-for-the-buck engineering platform.

3D Design

Precise and powerful 3D design to power product creation. From consumer products to fixtures, heavy machinery, molds, and more.



Beautiful, precise manufacturing drawings, patent drawings, and assembly instructions are just a few clicks away.


Sheet Metal

Dedicated tools to make the design of sheet metal parts easy and fast. Convert regular solids to sheet metal, and create flat patterns with a click.



Power marketing, sales, websites, brochures, and more with built-in rendering.

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