Maximize your global footprint through electric motorsport

The International Electric Motorsports Association is offering free advertising in our erace1 magazine for details download advertising PDF LINK

Our Major Methods of Advertising, (Repeatedly Getting Message Out)

  • Brochures or flyers

  • Direct mail

  • E-mail messages

  • Our Magazines and other’s

  • Newspapers (major)

  • Local Newspapers (neighborhood)

  • Online discussion groups, Blogs and chat groups.

  • Posters and bulletin boards

  • Radio Telemarketing

  • Television & Cable

  • Web

  • Limited Yellow

Promotional Activities through the Media (Reporters, Newspapers, etc.)

  • Articles that you

  • Editorials and letters to the editor

  • Press kits

  • Press releases or news alerts

  • Public service announcements (PSA)s

  • Other Promotional Activities and Events

  • Annual reports

  • Collaboration or strategic restructuring

  • Networking

  • Novelties .

  • Presentations

  • Relationships with key stakeholders

  • Special events -- These tend to attract attention, and can include, e.g., an open house, granting a special award, announcing a major program or service or campaign, etc.

  • Special offers -- We see these offers all the time. They include, for example, coupons, discounts, sweepstakes, sales, etc.


Packages Program launch date end of 1st quarter of 2020